WeRockIT Conference Website
WeRockIT is a Huntsville, AL based conference that focuses on nurturing diverse professional development, mentorship, and local connections. They needed a website that set the tone for their brand and would drive ticket purchases.
The Problem
WeRockIT is an entirely new conference, so awareness isn't widespread. The site must be clear in its messaging and visual tone to capture the users attention while they casually browse the site.

• Deliver a clean, user-centric experience that informs attendees about WeRockIT Conference details
• Maximize ticket sales without appearing pushy or stressing the user out
My Role
• Research
• UI Design
• Design system
• Testing
I interviewed 9 different Huntsville community members who would be interested in attending a conference like WeRockIT. Based on the surveys and interviews conducted, I set up three personas.
Information Architecture
I ran a card sort with 9 users to inform the information architecture of the website
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