Sangoma Partner Portal
Sangoma is a Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) provider. They provide businesses of all sizes with carrier networks, data communication applications, and communication hardware. They needed a portal where sales partners can register customer deals, access the latest product resources, and stay informed about upcoming product news.
The Problem
Currently, Sangoma partners have to reach out often throughout the sales process. Partners try to mitigate that as much as possible this by reusing old marketing materials which ends up communicating incorrect or outdated information to customers. 

• Reduce the work load on our internal employees to manage partner sales
• Empower partners with the tools to complete their sales efficiently
• Provide partners with up to date news on products, deals, and marketing materials to aid in the sales process and ensure accuracy of communicated materials
My Role
• Research
• UI Design
• User Testing
Site Planning - Informing the structure
I performed a card sort on 10 of our Sangoma partners to gain insight on how to structure the content in the portal. I also sent surveys to gain an understanding of  what our partners find most important and what features they would like to see in present and future phases. 
Based on discussions with key stakeholders and the data collected from partners, I created a few different wireframes to narrow down a visual direction and to help stakeholders narrow down data points.
Final Design
The dashboard gives partners a glance at the most important information. They can see their partner tier and status as well as benefits, YTD Sales by product, upcoming training provided by Sangoma, the latest product news, and the latest resources.​​​​​​​
Register a Deal
Partners can enter the customer's information and register multiple deals in a single instance. When a deal is generated, an invoice is created within the system and is available for download. 
Resource Library
Partners can see the most up-to-date co-branded marketing collateral to aid in sales. 
Sales History
Partners can see a complete sales history and sort it by status. Partners are also able to export specific sales into a CSV file or download individual invoices.
Silver and gold level partners will have 24/7 priority access to dedicated Sangoma personnel to aid in all issues. Verified partners and agents will be directed to a contact form.  
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