Bright Horizons Help Center
Bright Horizons provides benefits such as daycare, back-up childcare, nannies, elder care, and college prep.
They needed a way to quickly help users resolve their product issues and provide answers to recurring questions about their benefits.
• Reduce the workload on our support team 
• Empower users to find quick solutions to their product questions
• Gain insight into knowledge gaps about our products

My Role
• Research
• Copywriting
• UI Design
• User Testing

The Problem
The Bright Horizons support team is overrun with support calls and tickets concerning user benefits. There is no easy way to answer these questions in the current product UI, so users need a quick, self-help tool to turn to. 
Help Center Architecture - Gaining Stakeholder Buy-in
After working with the various teams to identify our goals, I noticed we could not get consensus across the various teams and stakeholders on how to structure the help center. To alleviate this, I suggested we run a card sort with input from each team and new Bright Horizons customers. By giving each team their "say" as well as pulling in data from customers, I was able to notice a pattern in thinking and generated a preliminary diagram to gain stakeholder buy-in on an initial help center architecture.
Solidifying a visual direction
After gaining consensus from the various stakeholders on a help center structure, I generated wireframes based on our product's visual direction as well as modern help center designs. 
Final Design
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